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At The Jerusalem Butler, we serve to provide the public with a user friendly platform for businesses in Jerusalem, large or small. With quick, efficient access for all your needs, we want you to know that we’ve got you covered. We have a variety of trendy gift options, premium services to meet your travel needs, and so much more! Whether visiting in Israel or feeling far away, TJB has something for everyone.

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    CM Berger

    Lakewood, NJ

    What a brilliant idea!  Like of course… I cant believe its 2022 and this is the first of its kind.  There are so many amazing businesses available in Jerusalem and now we have a central place to go to for ideas and orders.  When my daughter was in seminary I had to call my sister / cousin / friend for ideas.. phone numbers… who to call …. what’s available.. etc.  This one knew about this… and that one knew about that… Now I can find it all on my own.  Thanks for implementing this amazing resource.

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