Israeli bureaucracy is no fun. Ask anyone. We’re here to help! Services include getting you the Daf Knisa, submitting the application, ensuring all documents are correct and acceptable. Once approved we are aware of all possible complications that can arise and benefits that one can receive. Benefits include kitzvat yeladim, manak leida as well as reimbursement for a deductible paid for a birth up to 16000 NIS! (Births abroad included). Contact us today to get started.,

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  • Feedback from TJB Customers

    CM Berger

    Lakewood, NJ

    What a brilliant idea!  Like of course... I cant believe its 2022 and this is the first of its kind.  There are so many amazing businesses available in Jerusalem and now we have a central place to go to for ideas and orders.  When my daughter was in seminary I had to call my sister / cousin / friend for ideas.. phone numbers... who to call .... what's available.. etc.  This one knew about this... and that one knew about that... Now I can find it all on my own.  Thanks for implementing this amazing resource.

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