Suprise your loved ones in Israel with our specialty gourmet brunch boxes & platters, Wrapped to perfection, fresh & delicious, the perfect gift for every occasion.
    Under the hashgacha of badatz eidah hachreidis

    Jay Amour

    •Custom Mens Wear

    •Custom suits starting at just $450!!

    •All customizations included

    •Serving clients in both the US and Israel

    •Choose from a variety of fabrics including English and Italian designer fabrics

    •We don’t just do suits, we do custom shirts, stretch pants and more!!

    •#1 Customer Service

    With years of experience in both corporate and international travel, our expert agency delivers unparalleled service to make your trip a breeze. Enjoy a smooth process from start to finish, and a stress-free travel experience.

    We repair and service american and european major home appliances .Been in business for 13 years.
    We give excellent and professional service.

    Brodys plumbing been in business for over 10 years servicing the Jerusalem area with many satisfied customers.
    We specialize in unclogging drains and pipes, installing facets, toilets and repair, fixing water heaters and fixing water pipes. We photograph internal pipes and detect leaks.
    We speak fluent English and serve our customers at late hours of the night and before Shabbos.
    Our prices are reasonable and we strive that every customer will be satisfied.
    Besides making a living we see ourselves in a mission of Chesed.

    Quality and well-priced, diversified home products, for your home (or dorm).
    Making Alyiah? Next-business-day “”Express”” or “”Custom”” delivery ensures that your entire order arrives just before you do!

    Delicious and wholesome homemade catering at incredibly low prices. Kozy Kimpeturin specials! Ask about our long-term cooking options. We customize meal plans that will suit your family’s needs. Options for individual, couple, or family portions. Offering brunches, lunches, suppers, Shabbosim, Yomim Tovim, baked goods, and more. Only Badatz Eidah Hachareidis ingredients.

    Does your son need help with kriah, mishnayos, or Gemara? With years of experience teaching students at all levels, we offer personalized support to help him succeed. Whether he needs assistance catching up or a challenge to push him further, we can help!

    WIGBOX – Israel’s Wig Superstore & Daniella Faye fashion house

    Wig shopping reimagined: Prepare to be amazed! Embrace styles, experience shades, explore endless possibilities. Comfortable waiting area for husbands, freshly baked cookies, cappuccino & ice cofee, childrens corner, nursing Room. Warm, patient service with zero pressure. Over 1,300 natural new wigs unparalleled in variety, all offered at the most competitive prices starting from only ₪2,000. New Clearance Section! At least 30 wigs on clearance with slashed prices. Now is the time to shop for anew wig. Don’t come alone! Friends and husbands are invited to our huge waiting area. To see for yourself what our thousands of happy customers are so excited about, call or WhatsApp 02-376-2010 to book an appointment. Kiryat Hamada 3 Har Chotzvim, next to Rodriguez. 1hr paid parking on the house before 4pm.

    Do your grocery shopping today at from the comfort of your home and order everything to your door quickly and easily..
    Our site is in English, clear and simple – The Hechsher is shown for each item!
    Super-convenient ordering – With easy-to-change shopping cart.
    Fresh Produce- Handpicked by workers who really care, and packed to ensure they arrive at your door in perfect condition
    Hechsher- B’datz Eida HaCharedis
    Helpful delivery team – Bringing your items to your door with a smile! Your order is packed neatly according to category and delivered in cartons, to prevent spills and breakages.”

    Alcohol with fast delivery to the house – an alcohol and wine chain in Jerusalem that specializes in aging wines with an age of over 10 years now also on the online site. Liquor Store’s online store – great deals and express home delivery. Order now.

    Certified Makeup Artist with over 6 years of experience. Specializing in Bridal and event makeup. Located in Maalot Dafna. Travel ready.

    When you choose The Jerusalem Painter, you’re choosing to put your house in good hands.
    From the moment you call us, we’re dedicated to making the process enjoyable and stress-free. We offer top quality, meticulous work and easygoing customer service.
    Ready to roll?

    With over 12 years of experience in skincare, I specialize in delivering rejuvenating facials, expert waxing, and therapeutic skincare treatments tailored to your unique needs. My goal is to enhance your glow and leave you feeling refreshed and confident.

    BS’D Hands of Hope, BS’D every “hands on” healing journey begins with hope. We believe in the power of touch and its ability to heal the body and mind, BS’D. At BS’D Hands of Hope, we are committed to creating a serene and nurturing environment where women can experience holistic healing and relaxation through our specialized massage therapies. Our range of services includes facial massages, Swedish massages, medical massages, hot stones massage, reflexology, and shiatsu treatments. Each therapy is designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being, helping you achieve a state of balance and harmony. Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain, stress reduction, or simply a moment of tranquility, we have the expertise and compassion to support your wellness journey.

    “🍕Pizzaz artisanal mouthwatering pizza made fresh at your event !

    – Pasta salad bar and crepe & waffle dessert stations and more add ons available
    – Fully Kosher lmehadrin
    – Perfect for all events party’s and fundraisers
    – over 150 Bar / Bat mitzvahs

    Book now for any simcha
    Pizzaz takes care of full setup staff and cleanup “

    Unique menu of Asian style meat and fish dishes under Badatz mehadrin Rav Rubin

    “Welcome to photosby_bashi, we specialize in capturing precious and timeless moments.

    – In-studio newborn photography that captures the little moments
    – Outdoor photo shoots for your family and friends
    – Cake smash and upsherins!!

    Looking forward to capturing your special moments, contact us to book your session today!”

    Through the streets and alleyways of Yerushalayim, discover and meet some of the great Tzaddikim of our time.

    Hand-painted custom portraits, where customers can choose their preferred colors and sizes. Each piece is meticulously crafted on high-quality paper, ensuring a unique and personalized work of art that captures the essence of each gadol.

    Jerusalem Jerky is based out of Jerusalem, in The Holy Land, with the highest standard quality, in both ingredients, and kashrus. We specialize in making our products more than just “beef jerky”, by offering handcrafted beef jerky in beautifully packaged boxes and boards so that your loved ones in Israel truly feel like they are getting something special! (Because they are ;))

    Delivery throughout Jerusalem.

    Give the gift of gourmet delight to your loved ones in Israel! Our exquisite flavored popcorn collection includes Oreo, S’mores, Cinnamon Swirl, Chocolate Peanut Butter and limited edition seasonal flavors. Packaged in festive, elegant bags, our gourmet popcorn makes the perfect gift for friends and family. Simcha and Event packages available. Drizzle’s Popcorn Perfection- give it a try! **Under the hashgacha of R’ Akiva Dershowitz** 929-996-7158

    The Workout Zone is a fitness studio centrally located in Maalot Dafna. We offer a wide range of classes for women, men and kids throughout the day and evening. Our team of trainers are highly professional and are available for personal training as well.

    Jerusalem newborn and family portrait photographer.

    Using the finest quality ingredients we create delicious and beautifully arranged cured fish boards that are sure to please your taste buds. Send one to your family in Israel, for a Simcha, Kiddush, or just for your shabbos meal. Hop on board now!

    “Natural Soft Luxurious and Beautiful.
    We carry all types of wigs including lace tops lace fronts regular wigs falls and hatfalls!
    Book your appointment at this link

    “We carry a full line of Furniture and Appliances.
    Dinning Tables, Chairs, Couchs, Beds, Closets, Drawers, Book shelfs etc.
    Fridge, Freezers, Ovens, Stove, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers.
    Whether you want to fully furnish your apartment or just need one item we are here to help.
    Our service includes delivery, assembly and installation.
    If you are moving into an unfurnished apt or are abroad, our service includes taking measurements to assure you the correct item.
    Reach out to see your options.”

    “Moving back to the USA?
    We provide shipping from Israel to the US.
    We ship to all 50 states.
    American reliable service.
    We provide packing materials.
    We will guide through the process.
    Reach out to us for more info.”

    Fully stocked newborn, baby, and first birthday photography studio located in Ramat Eshkol. Luxury photography for affordable prices. Send a gift card to a loved one in Israel!

    “DCA Claims: Your Trusted Airline Compensation Experts. At DCA Claims, we specialize in helping passengers claim compensation for flight delays, missed connections, and denied boarding. We handle cases under UK, EU, Israel, Canada, and other international aviation laws.

    Our dedicated team provides personalized service, managing all paperwork and negotiations with airlines. We persist until your claim is resolved, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. We charge only on a win so there is no risk to you. Furthermore our charges do not fluctuate if legal action is needed so there are no hidden fees.
    Trust DCA Claims to make your travel disruptions stress-free. Contact us today for expert assistance.
    free assessment of entitlement to all passengers. Email for more information.
    We have a No Win No fee policy so there is never any risk to the customer.”

    Evening wear rentals. All original designs, sewn on the premises. If you’re looking for Hi End, one-of-a-kind creations, look no further. We are Not Just Any Dress! Fittings by appointment only.

    Krunchies Jerusalem is here to provide you with an upscale shnitzel platter for any and every occasion! We use fine quality ingredients to ensure you get the best taste in every bite! Our platters are beautifully crafted and make a gorgeous gift for a Simcha, Siyum, Shabbos, Kiddush, Birthday, Chanukah , Purim.. you name it and Krunchies will be there 🙂 Gift your Friends and Family the taste they want!  

    Hashgacha is under strict supervision of Rabbi Dershowitz.

    Delivery in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and throughout Israel!

    Welcome to PartyBox, Jerusalem’s premier provider of exquisite tablescapes for intimate events! Designed to make your gatherings unforgettable, PartyBox offers a range of beautifully curated themed boxes that cater to events with up to 18 guests. Each box includes everything you need for an elegant table setting: high-end tablecloths, candles, vases, flowers, props, real dishes, flatware, wine glasses, and drinking glasses. All our dishes are classified as meat, and we offer an option for disposable dishes if preferred. Additionally, we can customize your party and party favors to suit your specific needs. Whether hosting a birthday celebration, a cozy dinner party, or any special occasion, PartyBox ensures you have a stunning tablescape that elevates your event. Choose your theme, specify your number of guests, and let PartyBox transform your table into a masterpiece. Celebrate in style and create lasting memories with PartyBox!

    Taste the difference-We specialise in breakfasts, also offering macarons, sushi salads,cheese buns,and more!! Surprise someone for a birthday, baby, or just thinking of u!! Here at Crunchy delights you will get the best prices in town!! Get in touch Today
    Under the Hashgacha of Rabbi Shmuel Weiner

    Batsheva Photography is here to capture your special moments. From tiny little toes to big family trips for yourself or as a gift. Reach out to create magical memories to treasure forever.

    Looking to send your loved one in Israel a delicious, homemade treat? Pick from our choices of lunch/brunch boxes, baked goods boxes, and Shabbos box! Send some love from far any day of the week, to anywhere in Israel! Whether it be a hot meal or some treats for them to snack on, this is the perfect way to let your loved ones in Israel know you are thinking of them.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Shabbos meals, Gourmet suppers, Gift packages, and wholesome nutritious food for families after a baby. Our specialty is to provide American families coming to Israel with freshly prepared homemade Shabbos and Yom tov meals.
    *hechsher is R’ Chaim Blier shlit”a, & All ingredients are Bedatz, Landau, & highest heimishe American Hashgachos

    Want to treat someone you love?
    Eat out of the box!
    Delicious, beautifully packaged brunch boxes delivered to your friend/ family/neighbor’s front door!
    Send your love to your loved ones in Israel!
    All products are Badatz Eida Hacheridis.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem & Beit Shemesh.

    Indulge in the world of homemade baked goods with Crumb & Co. Our passion for baking shines through in every creation, ensuring you experience nothing but perfection in every bite.

    As we prepare for Sukkos, we’re thrilled to offer you a delightful selection of treats, all under the watchful Hashgacha of Rabbi Dershowitz. From our array of scrumptious delights, your holiday celebrations are about to get even sweeter.


    Makeup for all occasions!

    The Challery has become a name to trust for the most heavenly baked goods in Israel. Shabbos, events, gifting, we are dedicated to giving you the best experience that will keep you coming back for more. We offer a full line of mouthwatering products, including our famous challah and Babka, and stunning gift arrangements. We work hard to ensure you get the perfect texture and taste, and service. Quick and easy ordering process through our site Order now for a guaranteed hit!

    Elevate your shul kiddush, siyum, or any simcha with Myks Beef Jerky Boards! Crafted from the finest cuts of beef, our jerky is marinated to perfection and slow-cooked to achieve an irresistible taste. Myks Jerky Boards add a gourmet touch to your special moments. Order now and elevate your event with the finest beef jerky experience from Myk’s!

    Whole Bake Shop wholesome muffins taste even better than they look! Whole-grain, low-fat and with no sugar, these muffins are PERFECT for the health conscious. We also have regular muffins in unique, indulgent flavors. Pair with an iced coffee for the perfect gift package. Under the home hechser of R’ Weiner.

    Boost your day with Berry Bowls’ delicious acai bowls! Packed with antioxidants, fiber, and essential vitamins, our bowls are a great way to fuel your body. With a variety of fresh fruits, nuts, spreads, and granola to choose from, our acai bowls make a perfect energy-boosting snack or meal replacement. Try one today and feel the difference, or send to someone you love 🙂

    Under the Hashgacha of Rabbi Shmuel Weiner, ZNT Kosher

    Delivery through out Jerusalem.

    Introducing Purely Dressed, your passport to salad perfection! Elevate your dining experience with our handcrafted salads, from crisp, leafy greens to mouthwatering toppings and artisanal dressings, each bite bursts with flavor and freshness. Purely Dressed makes eating healthy a delicious delight.
    From delicious personal salads to boards we have all the sizes to offer. If you are looking to send a gift to your daughter in sem, married couple, or coming for yuntif, reach out to get our ever-changing menu. Order now and taste the difference with Purely Dressed!
    Under the Hashgacha of Rabbi Akiva Dershowitz.

    We create custom cakes that are both delicious and beautiful. Each cake is tailored to your unique style and preference.

    Boutique Salad offers a variety of fresh, flavorful and unique salads for all occasions. Whether for a simcha, a Shabbos / Yom Tov meal or a thoughtful gift for someone dear, the delicious, colorful, healthy and creative combination of our special salads will leave you content and satisfied. We offer delivery or pick up, and salads are presented ready to be served or in separate containers to assemble in your own style.

    The perfect gift that NEVER STOPS giving! Our faux flowers will enhance any home with the perfect touch of elegance! Perfect gift for Hosts, Housewarming, Simchos and Rabbeim! (Or just as a “we miss you gift” 😉

    Moving to Israel can be overwhelming. And that’s why we’re here to help. At packedandsettled, we ensure that your home is fully stocked before you arrive. Let us do the legwork so you can enjoy the process from far. We work with our clients to stock their apartment with everything according to what they need, from linens, to dishes, to disposables and even toiveling services.
    Delivery Available*

    Meet JuiceFix – where our cold-pressed juices, approved by multiple nutritionists worldwide, promise a detoxifying and rejuvenating boost. Refresh with our delicious smoothies, packed with protein, fats, and fiber to keep you satisfied. Plus, be sure not to miss out on everyone’s summer favorite, the Iced Passion Tango Tea. Come taste the difference at JuiceFix and sip your way to a healthier, happier you!

    Shan Korbman Photography captures the moment. Savor the Jerusalem beauty you experience on a trip to Israel, gift a love one with a newborn shoot they’ll cherish for years to come or anything in between…. Turn your milestones into memories. Newborn, milestone and family photographer in the heart of Jerusalem

    Stocked with Irenes, Sary, Rina and Beverly wigs. Gorgeous selection of Bandfalls, skin tops and lace wigs all lengths and colors. Wash n Sets, Wig cuts, repairs and coloring. Also carrying wig heads and wig bands.

    Dine like royalty with The CaterKing! Whether you’re visiting, celebrating a simcha, or looking for a luxurious dinner – our gourmet, homemade, heimishe cuisine is sure to satisfy. From Shabbos feasts to weeknight dinners, we’ve got you covered. All of our dishes are made in-house, under the strict supervision of Rabbi Weiner, and are delivered to your door neatly packaged and ready to be enjoyed. Don’t settle for ordinary food. Upgrade to The CaterKing’s royal spread today!

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    As a branch Redefined in Brooklyn, We’re bringing you a taste of home across the ocean! All of our items are made with the same premium ingredients, skill and have that homemade feel, resulting in the same addictive outcome 😋 Under the supervision of Rabbi Weiner. We look forward to serving you!

    Your #1 destination for sending a “thinking of you” package. We offer a variety of cakes, tarts, and brunch packages. All ingredients are Badatz Eidah Hachareidas. Delivery available throughout Jerusalem.

    “To see
    To cherish
    To feel Geulah

    A unique canvas photo gallery for your home.

    An exciting gift to receive,
    An excitement to give.”

    Pristine Kosher will take the kashering task off your hands and do a beautiful job, stress-free and mess-free Kitchen Kashering!Back for the 5th year, with over 1500 kitchens kashered!
    Under cRc hechsher!

    Exquisite flower arrangements to enhance your Shabbes, Yom Tov, and Simchas.
    We also offer tablescape planning for small boutique events.

    At Accents we hand-picked high-end pieces by leading designers for home décor, dining, and Judaica.
    Accents also makes unique gift arrangements for your loved ones in Israel.

    Professional and experienced shaitel macher offering beautiful wash and sets, resets, repairs and more! Have a daughter interested in the wig business? NEW: Now offering wig courses to seminary girls. Learn the basics of washing and setting wigs! Unbeatable prices!

    At Cured Board we make the perfect combo between Cured fish and fruits bursting with flavor. These boards, are a perfect gift to send for a kiddush or if someone is hosting your child for a meal!

    Enhance your table or someone else’s with our delicious gourmet American Schnitzel boxes and boards. Perfect for all occasions including Shabbos Seuda Purim, Suckkos, Chanukah.
    Send your child in yeshiva, seminary or those who live across the world a taste of home.

    Under Hashgacha of Rabbi Weiner.

    Delivery throughout Jerusalem
    (Potential delivery across Israel PM for more info)

    You may not be in Israel….
    But your gift CAN be!
    We have everything you need when having a baby. Layette, blankets, towels, undershirts, pacifiers, hats and more!
    Personalized gifts and gift wrap available!
    Easy online ordering, flat rate delivery throughout Israel. Delivery to hospitals.

    “Looking for the perfect dessert? Want to send someone a delicious treat in Israel? SORBETTO is your answer. A sweet and refreshing end to any meal. Our individual cups of sorbet are the perfect finishing touch to your meal. Give it a try, we don’t disappoint! Also available in a larger size so you can enjoy all week!! Under the supervision of ZNT Kosher. Free Delivery throughout Ramat Eshkol and surrounding neighborhoods. Reach out for our exciting new weekly flavors!!

    Perlinium Desserts is here to enhance your own shabbos and yom tov table with exquisite tasting gourmet desserts. A fantastic hostess gift or just to send some love to your loved ones in Israel.
    Planning a simcha? Kiddush, Bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, etc.. We specialize in petit fours, tartlets, mousse cups, personalized meringues and more.
    All products are Badatz Eida Hachareidis and Harav Rubin.
    Under the hashgocha of Rabbi Nesanel Lauer
    Contact us for our catalog or with any questions.

    Blazin’ Boards offers an array of meat boards that will enhance any event on Shabbos. It is the ultimate gift to sent to a loved one in Israel.Gluten free and soy free boards are available upon request. Delivery throughout Israel.

    Locked out? Want the convience of a number lock? Want to change your key after construction? Call Dovi @sidelocks. Services available throughout Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Modiin, Beiter, and more!

    Nurture your creative side at Nicole Friedman Studio! Come experience first-hand what the resin art hype is all about.

    With private and group workshops available, participants create color-bursting useable art

    You choose what to make…
    Resin bowls
    Serving platters
    Shabbat candle trays
    Challah boards
    Mezuzot and more

    Nicole guides her students and shares her prized tips and tricks for creating stunning masterpieces.

    And the best part is – you don’t have to be particularly artistic to create gorgeous resin art!


    Looking to send someone in Israel a Gift? We have options in all styles and price ranges!

    We customize anything and everything! As well As our New Service of Event Planning!
    Imprinted Napkins• Hostess Packages•Water Bottles• Washing Cups• Apparel•Shot Glasses•Upsherin Peckalach• Cookie jars• Pitchers• Diffusers• Paint Night Sets•& much more! (Seasonal items include: Chanuka gifts•Mishloach Manos, etc.)

    Home business breakfast boxes and baked goods.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem

    Here on vacation?Want to give your Loved ones a break? Want to treat a friend?Or just because? Fork N Ladle will enhance your Shabbos with high quality delicious hemiesh Shabbos meals that will make you feel at home. All our ingredients are Badatz Eida Hacharidus and hemiesh American brands.

    We do it all

    Junk Removal
    Mold Solutions
    Property Management
    Packing and Moving
    Security Cameras
    Odd Jobs

    “We Do It All”

    Heavenly bundt cakes for any occasion! We have a wide variety of tasty options to satisfy your sweet tooth! Great for a birthday, a kiddush, or your Shabbos table!  All ingredient are Badatz Eida HaChareidis.

    Please do not order through email!! To order call 02-5001171
    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.


    Treat your loved ones with everything Chocolate! Under Rabbi Weiner hechsher! Arrangements and Gifts to suit all budgets. There is no better way to send your love. Who are you gifting? 

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    Treat yourself to

    A Winning Moment

    Our wide selection of peanut chew platters in a variety of designs will receive serious compliments for its impressive style and taste.

    Feel free to choose your style mosaic and make any event a winning and unforgettable experience: -Celebrations – Moving house – Birthday parties – Visiting parents and family -Shabbos and Yom tov – For anyone you want to treat including yourself…

    “looking to treat family or friends?
    here at everything breakfast we specialize in creating the most delicious and fresh brunch boxes loved by everyone! Under the hashgacha of Rabbi Weiner

    We sell affordable luxury beautiful jewlery. All our jewlery can be worn in water.
    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    Gage Court Clothiers is in Israel !

    * Custom Suits Starting $550

    * Thousands of fabric options in the starting range

    * Physical and E-Gift cards available

    * We come to you

    Learn more about us by visiting us on our website @ or Instagram @gcclothiers

    Exquisite Fruit & Veggie platters and arrangements for all occasions.
    All our produce are handpicked to ensure the highest quality and mouthwatering fruits.
    We also offer cubed fruit in containers for healthy munching.

    Throughout Israel.

    Balloons for all occasions, including anniversaries, births, birthdays, get well soon and more! Also available personalized nosh packages and candy platters.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Selling tablecloths faux leather, easy care fabric, Challah Covers, Placemats also personalized.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Send gift baskets for every occasion anywhere in Israel!
    From candy’s, chocolates, snacks and alcohol to home baked cookies, personalized items and balloons. Check us out on Facebook: especiallyforyouisrael

    Jerusalem and surrounding areas (1-2 business day delivery).
    Anywhere else in Israel (2-5 business day delivery).

    Missing those ready-made dressings in your fridge? Get ready for a flavorful upgrade with Dress it salad dressings!

    Our dressings make your salads delicious and easy to prep! Ask us about our lite options!


    Small batch artisanal beef jerky.
    Our premium cuts of meat are marinated in a unique blend of all-natural ingredients for maximum flavor and tenderness.
    Our beef jerky is available in different size boards and bag options.

    We are proud to be under the Hashgacha of Rav Shmuel Wiener Rav of ZNT in Ramat Eshkol!

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    The complete Shuk Machane Yehuda Experience.
    A little bit history, A lot a bit food!!

    We make and deliver an enormous variety of Shabbos and Yom Tov foods. Challah, wines, fish, soups, mains, sides and everything in-between. Everything is delivered FRESH, not frozen. Our state-of-the-art kitchen is under the strict supervision of the Badatz Eida Charidis and the watchful eye of the ministry of health. So go ahead, leave your pots in Brooklyn and come for a real vacation. We can also cater any event from 50 people to 500.
    Weddings, Bar mitzvas, office parties, kiddushim and siyumim.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Our business offers Israel’s finest fruits and vegetables as well as other hard to find American products. Our goal is to welcome each customer with kindness and warmth in an effort to surround them with a feeling of being at home. We have fresh cut up fruits and vegetables that are perfect to send to young mothers, children in yeshiva and seminary, or any loved ones in Israel. We also have beautiful fruit platters that can be a hostess gift or even a treat for yourself! We are stringent with halachic observance and take special care to carefully wash and check all our products. Badatz eida hachreidis. Delivery Available: Throughout Jerusalem

    Enhance your Simcha, seuda, event, or any other occasion with a one-of-a-kind pickle board! Our extra large bamboo board features 4 varieties of home-cured pickles with the addition of a large array of other cured, pickled, and fermented items such as olives, tomatoes, sauerkraut, etc. In addition, we boast the highest standard in kashrus with the esteemed Badatz Eida Chareidis. Crunch.

    Are you looking to enhance your Kiddush or Shalom Zachor with beautiful confections. Perhaps you want to send an elegant centerpiece cake for a loved one’s simcha? Would you like to send a little birthday surprise to your child here in Israel? If so, reach out to the Gingerbread pattiserie, where your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Contact us for our full visual menu and with any comments or questions you may have.

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    Send your loved ones a gift of handcrafted, glatt kosher beef jerky from Butcher’s Cut! Our small batch, deliciously flavored jerky is the perfect Gift. Impress your friends and family with a gift that’s both thoughtful and delicious. At Butcher’s Cut, we take pride in our craft. We are passionate about jerky, and we believe that you can taste the difference in every bite. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, handcrafted beef jerky that is as delicious as it is satisfying, look no further than Butcher’s Cut. Shop now and experience the difference of handcrafted beef jerky.
    Our business is under the hashgacha of Rabbi Akiva Dershowitz. Delivery throughout Jerusalem.

    Cakes cookies miniatures personalized….

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    If you want to send a beautiful baby gift to a loved one in Israel look no further! Moncherie Child has everything you need. Gorgeous layette sets, paci clips, security blankets, swaddles, stunning baby bracelets, hospital hats and more! We deliver throughout Israel. All gifts come with a 10% off coupon inside for future purchases. We also carry loungewear, basics, clothing and accessories from size newborn to 3T.

    Upgrade your Shabbos table
    Uplift your loved ones’ spirits
    Upraise your special occasion
    Order Upscale!

    Magnificent Artisan cured fish and meat boards of superior quality.
    Brought to you by chef Yossi Levine @foodiebliss_yossi

    Delivery throughout Israel

    We make beautiful, fun and elegant balloon arrangements for all different occasions.

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    Looking to send your loved one in Yerushalayim a delicious and guilt-free treat? Our menu includes a variety of artisanal superfoods that are both beautiful and delicious. We have treats ranging from our famous açaí and pitaya bowls to our mouth-watering date stacks, energy balls, healthy muffins, granola, and iced coffee. *Under the hashgacha of Rabbi Shmuel Weiner from ZNT Kosher. *Most of our menu is dairy-free and sugar-free! Feel free to ask us about any dietary restrictions. Delivery throughout Jerusalem.

    Harvest Bakehouse, a boutique exclusively sourdough bakery brings you fresh authentic and delicious sourdough products; breads, challahs, bagels, cookies and more. Skillfully fermented vegetables is on the menu too!
    All baked goods are made from spelt, whole or white- you name it!
    Choose what suits you or send a real gift, with real food.
    Full Hashgacha of Bedatz Eidah Hachareidis.

    Get your artisanal meats and fish, perfectly seasoned and lovingly cured, at Karve – the premier artisanal Jerusalem charcuterie. With an approach cultured over years of worldwide research into charcuterie methods, at Karve we spare nothing to bring you an incomparable product which will leave your taste buds watering.
    The perfect gift which is not only healthy and useful but is mouth wateringly delicious as well. Or treat yourself to a meal like nothing you’ve tasted before.
    Try our:
    Meat boards
    Smoked meat & chicken
    Smoked fish
    Hand-crafted sausages
    Pastrami and more.
    Catering. all under the hechsher of Badatz eidah charedis yerushalyim

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem

    Our goal is to provide a high quality product to enhance and elevate your every occasion.
    Our premium meat boards come alongside premium standards of Kashrus and customer service. Bull On Board will go above and beyond to make sure your experience is always a pleasant one. Enjoy your Board!

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    A Hartzig & Energetic Kumzitz / Farbrengen to complete any occasion.
    (Events. Siyumim / Mesibos. Sheva Brachos. Etc…)
    Upgrades of additional instruments available upon request.

    Artisan Sourdough by Shaina Cohen. The finest sourdough, sourdough pizza and dips in Israel.
    All items are exclusively sourdough and made with flour, water and salt.
    From delicious breads, to beautiful gift boards, to mouthwatering sourdough pizza’s and to
    special Yom Tov items, we have something for everyone!
    Looking forward to sending your love from abroad!
    Under the Hashgacha of Rabbi Wiener.
    Delivery available throughout Israel.

    Our fruit platters are made from only the most choice seasonal produce available so that each bite is perfectly ripe, fresh, and sweet. Each plate is also artistically designed and arranged to order so you can be sure that it will be the highlight of the table.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Charcuterie, jerky, and artisanal cured meats, the perfect gift to send to someone in Israel…

    Your son made a siyum or your daughter is going away for shabbos? Send along some jerky. Your daughter-in-law is just the best or you just need to thank your son’s helpful neighbor? Send some charcuterie. Overseas friend making a kiddush? Send them the ultimate simcha-enhancing platter. #ThinkCharcuterie. Something different. Something delicious.  Under the hashgacha of Rabbi Shmuel Weiner and ZNT Kosher.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.


    We specialize in sushi platters for Yeshivas and Seminaries. Small or big orders delivered to your door. Kashrut is under Rubin and we have the best prices in town. Try us out today.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Making a simcha? Just visiting? Looking to enjoy your shabbos or yom tov hassle free? We are your one stop shop for all your catering needs! Under the prestigious hechsher of the Badatz Eida Hachareidus, we’ve got you covered with delicious food and exceptional service!

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

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  • Feedback from TJB Customers

    CM Berger

    Lakewood, NJ

    What a brilliant idea!  Like of course... I cant believe its 2022 and this is the first of its kind.  There are so many amazing businesses available in Jerusalem and now we have a central place to go to for ideas and orders.  When my daughter was in seminary I had to call my sister / cousin / friend for ideas.. phone numbers... who to call .... what's available.. etc.  This one knew about this... and that one knew about that... Now I can find it all on my own.  Thanks for implementing this amazing resource.

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