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    ·All 3,000+ ArtScroll titles available


    Prepare to come into our massage room one person and leave a new and relaxed version of you!
    Experience the pleasure of calming
     music, dim lights, and an unforgettable massage that transports you into a relaxed mood. Renew yourself with positive and good energy while simultaneously relieving stressed and tense muscles. This is a treat everybody could use every once in a while! Home visits available upon request.
    *Women only*

    Catering that feels like home, Savor is known for flavor and quality. We pride ourselves in our ability to cater to you- want something sweeter? spicier? something not on the menu? Not a problem! We work with you to create a meal that will keep you coming back for more. All ingredients are Eida HaChareidis or HaRav Rubin. Produce is all Efrati (nothing is shviis or heter mechira).

    Click here for our full menu: Savor Menu


    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Shmaltz Deli serves high quality Mehadrin Ashkenazi and American classics. We deliver city-wide and would love to cater your next event! Kehilot, Shmita Nochri.

    Create stunning memories with a photoshoot by Goldie.

    Trained by top photographers in America, Goldie brings expertise as well as an artistic eye to every shoot.

    Newborns, families, upsherins, and commercial photography

    Mention this add and get $10 off! Looking forward to meeting you!


    16 oz Alcohol infused sorbets made with all real fruit. A great treat after a long hot day or a Refreshing dessert for shabbos, yom tov or after a bbq. Ingredients are all bdatz and rav rubin. Delivery is available throughout Jerusalem. Check out all our flavors! *Made with real alcohol*

    we are now under rabbi Dershowitz’s Hechsher!

    Ices with a kick 🙂

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Full catering including service:

    Meat catering for events in Jerusalem and beyond. Kosher certification by Rabbi Rubin! Be in touch today for menus and pricing!

    For those that have food but would like to hire waiters and equipment:

    All of your event needs for kiddushim, brissim, Bar Mitzvahs, and shabbos. We can provide event staffing, equipment rentals and general event production wherever you are!

    Delivery throughout Jerusalem

    Jerusalem Jerky is based out of Jerusalem, in The Holy Land, with the highest standard quality, in both ingredients, and kashrus. We specialize in making our products more than just “beef jerky”, by offering handcrafted beef jerky in beautifully packaged boxes and boards so that your loved ones in Israel truly feel like they are getting something special! (Because they are ;))

    Delivery throughout Jerusalem.

    HaCharcuterie sells premium charcuterie meat boards.
    All meats are homemade, cured, smoked and arranged on a wooden board
    Delivery available throughout central Israel. Fee depending on location
    Under R’ Lewin’s hechsher, Mehadrin, Va’ad HaKashrus

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Swedish Touch focuses on relaxing mas sage that releases deep tensions in muscles and lymphatic systems.

    Licensed through New Jersey School of Mas sage, we are committed to giving you the most professional, relaxing and effective massage right here in Jerusalem.

    We offer egift cards and spa packages with delivery all over Israel.

    We specializes in pain relief and relaxation including pre/post natal achiness and medical mas sage. Come and see why people keep coming back!
    *Female Clientele only

    Balloons for all occasions, including anniversaries, births, birthdays, get well soon and more! Also available personalized nosh packages and candy platters.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Worried about your child’s social skills, emotion management and frustration tolerance? Are your children young but want to give them the skills they need to thrive socially and emotionally?
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Shifi Lieberman has a great option for you! A Simple. Effective. Fun to Watch. Virtual. Online Course! Social Skills and Emotion Management for Children of All Ages.
    Plus! Sign up for a FREE, WEEKLY NEWSLETTER about all topics related to family therapy, social skills and emotion management! 🥳

    Our professional service team will plan and design, the perfect Air Condition system for your home, and suggest the latest home appliances based on your personal preferences. Our expertise will ultimately transform your home. We accommodate shuls/ schools/ Yeshivas, architects, designers and homeowners, starting from the very initial designing phases. We invite you to discover a level of service you have never experienced before, making us your first choice.

    Delivery throughout Jerusalem.

    Makeup for all occasions!

    We specialize in sushi platters for Yeshivas and Seminaries. Small or big orders delivered to your door. Kashrut is under Rubin and we have the best prices in town. Try us out today.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Treat yourself to

    A Winning Moment

    Our wide selection of peanut chew platters in a variety of designs will receive serious compliments for its impressive style and taste.

    Feel free to choose your style mosaic and make any event a winning and unforgettable experience: -Celebrations – Moving house – Birthday parties – Visiting parents and family -Shabbos and Yom tov – For anyone you want to treat including yourself…

    Making a simcha? Just visiting? Looking to enjoy your shabbos or yom tov hassle free? We are your one stop shop for all your catering needs! Under the prestigious hechsher of the Badatz Eida Hachareidus, we’ve got you covered with delicious food and exceptional service!

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    We make and deliver an enormous variety of Shabbos and Yom Tov foods. Challah, wines, fish, soups, mains, sides and everything in-between. Everything is delivered FRESH, not frozen. Our state-of-the-art kitchen is under the strict supervision of the Badatz Eida Charidis and the watchful eye of the ministry of health. So go ahead, leave your pots in Brooklyn and come for a real vacation. We can also cater any event from 50 people to 500.
    Weddings, Bar mitzvas, office parties, kiddushim and siyumim.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Go make a name for yourself! We stock a range of gifts for all occasions and ages that can be personalized in many colors and fonts, or you can bring your own gift to be personalized!

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Your #1 destination for sending a “thinking of you” package. We offer a variety of cakes, tarts, and brunch packages. All ingredients are Badatz Eidah Hachareidas. Delivery available throughout Jerusalem.

    Our business offers Israel’s finest fruits and vegetables as well as other hard to find American products. Our goal is to welcome each customer with kindness and warmth in an effort to surround them with a feeling of being at home. We have fresh cut up fruits and vegetables that are perfect to send to young mothers, children in yeshiva and seminary, or any loved ones in Israel. We also have beautiful fruit platters that can be a hostess gift or even a treat for yourself! We are stringent with halachic observance and take special care to carefully wash and check all our products. Badatz eida hachreidis. Delivery Available: Throughout Jerusalem

    -Personalized napkins
    -Custom party Favors
    -Hostess packages
    -Simchos / Upsherin
    -Cookie Jars-Pitchers
    -Personalized gifts!
    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.


    Spinfix Cold Brew produces authentic American cold brew in the heart of Jerusalem. We sell 16 oz. bottles of cold brew for only 10 shekel a bottle!

    Ask about our delivery options!

    Stay tuned for our very own TJB Gift Card; the perfect gift for your loved one living here in Israel.

    Professional Makeup& Hair for brides and events✨
    I specialize in natural makeup and effortless hair
    my goal is to enhance your beauty while still making sure you feel like yourself
    By your side on your special days🥰
    I travel to wherever you are getting ready!

    Click here to fill out your form:Contact Form

    Send gift baskets for every occasion anywhere in Israel!
    From candy’s, chocolates, snacks and alcohol to home baked cookies, personalized items and balloons. Check us out on Facebook: especiallyforyouisrael

    Jerusalem and surrounding areas (1-2 business day delivery).
    Anywhere else in Israel (2-5 business day delivery).

    Super fun, energetic dance classes for exercise, chugim, camps, seminaries, and personal enjoyment!

    We offer ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, zumba, acro, gymnastics, hiit, tabata, yoga, pilates, and aerobics!

    Skirts | Tops | Dresses | Sweaters

    We help women and teens choose clothing that makes them feel confident and beautiful while maintaining their tzniyus.

    Paran Shopping Center, Ramat Eshkol (above InBurger)

    Looking to send your loved one in Israel a delicious, homemade treat? Pick from our choices of lunch/brunch boxes, baked goods boxes, and Shabbos box! Send some love from far any day of the week, to anywhere in Israel! Whether it be a hot meal or some treats for them to snack on, this is the perfect way to let your loved ones in Israel know you are thinking of them.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Selling tablecloths faux leather, easy care fabric, Challah Covers, Placemats also personalized.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Our juices are 100% pure, raw and unpasteurized and are all CERTIFIED KOSHER with BADATZ EIDA HACHAREIDIS.
    Find out how juicing can help you regain your HEALTH and VITALITY and keep your waistline where you want it to be!!
    At Mitz Chai we make juicing easy!
    Check out our website to order or call/whatsapp us for help making an order.


    Gift your family and friends with beef jerky! Bags, boxes and boards available. Something for everyone’s budget.

     Delivery throughout Jerusalem.

    Are you looking to enhance your Kiddush or Shalom Zachor with beautiful confections. Perhaps you want to send an elegant centerpiece cake for a loved one’s simcha? Would you like to send a little birthday surprise to your child here in Israel? If so, reach out to the Gingerbread pattiserie, where your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Contact us for our full visual menu and with any comments or questions you may have.

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    Matti’s kitchen is the place to go to order yummy home cooked foods for your kids in Israel. I offer weeknight meals, Shabbos foods and delicious desserts. Ask me about our gluten free options as well!

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Delicious smoked brisket. Original traditional Texan style Premium boards – The ultimate luxury gift Beef by weight – Upgrade your Shabbos, Yom Tov, or event. All of our products are beautifully prepared, arranged, packaged, and ready to be served. Cherry wood, apple, pecan, hickory, and more Glatt Kosher lemahadrin, under the supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Winer. “ZNT kosher”

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Hair and wig salon.

    – Quality Irenes and Beverly wigs and bandfalls, cut and styled just for you! Professional Wash n Sets, New Wig cuts, Recuts, Haircuts and Hairstyling. Located in Ramat Eshkol.

    If you want to send a beautiful baby gift to a loved one in Israel look no further! Moncherie Child has everything you need. Gorgeous layette sets, paci clips, security blankets, swaddles, stunning baby bracelets, hospital hats and more! We deliver throughout Israel. All gifts come with a 10% off coupon inside for future purchases. We also carry loungewear, basics, clothing and accessories from size newborn to 3T.

    Looking to send your loved one in Yerushalayim a delicious and guilt-free treat? Our menu includes a variety of artisanal superfoods that are both beautiful and delicious. We have treats ranging from our famous açaí and pitaya bowls to our mouth-watering date stacks, energy balls, healthy muffins, granola, and iced coffee. *Under the hashgacha of Rabbi Shmuel Weiner from ZNT Kosher. *Most of our menu is dairy-free and sugar-free! Feel free to ask us about any dietary restrictions. Delivery throughout Jerusalem.

    Have you been looking to change how you eat, but don’t know how?
    Miriam Slansky, offers nutrition counseling for you, right here in Yerushalayim. Miriam believes that a healthy lifestyle is available to everyone. By creating an individualized health plan, Miriam ensures that each client receives the tools they need to achieve their goals.
    Healthy eating is not one size fits all. Everyone has different nutrition needs based on their age, stage, and health conditions. Miriam works with each client to find a meal plan that works best for them. Although this may sound overwhelming, Miriam’s goal is to make a healthy lifestyle achievable for everyone. Through meal and snack suggestions, recipes, and tips, you will see that healthy eating does not have to come at the expense of taste or enjoyment. Eating healthy can be fun, delicious, and also good for you!
    Miriam Slansky is a Certified Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Food and Nutrition.

    Through the streets and alleyways of Yerushalayim, discover and meet some of the great Tzaddikim of our time. Whether it be a Bracha for a shidduch, a segula for parnasah, or advice on life’s challenges, The Tzaddikim of Yerushalayim are always the right address to turn to . “The Tzaddik Experience” is something you don’t want to miss out on.

    Home of the freshest greens🍃
    Contact us to customize your salad 🥗
    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem 🇮🇱


    Charcuterie, jerky, and artisanal cured meats, the perfect gift to send to someone in Israel…

    Your son made a siyum or your daughter is going away for shabbos? Send along some jerky. Your daughter-in-law is just the best or you just need to thank your son’s helpful neighbor? Send some charcuterie. Overseas friend making a kiddush? Send them the ultimate simcha-enhancing platter. #ThinkCharcuterie. Something different. Something delicious.  Under the hashgacha of Rabbi Shmuel Weiner and ZNT Kosher.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    🔥On demand curated private smokehouse providing ready-to-eat delicious smoked meat. Our meats are bursting with smoky flavor, have a crusty exterior and have an extremely tender interior. Choices include, smoked beef, lamb, chicken and fish.
    👑Charcuterie Meat Boards:
    Exceptional premium beef boards, packed with smoked and grilled options plus much more.
    🏡Glatt Kosher under the supervision of Rav Akiva Dirshowitz of Ramat Eshkol + meats are “Badatz Eida HaChareidis”.
    🚛Delivery in Jerusalem
    We offer a satisfaction guarantee in the form of 20% credit if dissatisfied.
    Get in touch!

    Homemade baked goods, cakes for birthdays and any other occasion, royal icing cookies with personalization. Healthy muffins made with spelt, low fat and honey.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Cassouto Medical is a concierge medical service offering Covid testing, blood work, IV fluid administration and more in the comfort of your own home.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Chani Guttman Architecture & Design gives you peace of mind from afar without compromising on the highest standards of design and their execution. From the technical plans to the detailed finishes we create a personalized plan to suit your individual needs.  Looking forward to making your dream a reality!

    Your number 1 newborn gift shop! We cater to all your baby gifting needs , with many adorable options to give the baby and mother a warm cozy feeling! We go up to size 6 months in our layettes , options to personalize our yummy plush blankets , pom pom hats and towels with the babys name, we deliver straight to the hospital so that baby can come home in style 🙂 we deliver as well all over israel ! Check us out! And reach out anytime ! Looking forward to making gifting easy for you.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    The finest sourdough, sourdough pizza and dips in Jeruselem. From shabbos breads to sourdough pizzas to gift items we have something for everyone! Under rabbi Weiner’s hechsher. delivery available throughout Yerushalyim

    🖤 Certified Makeup Artist for all occasions
    🖤 One on one makeup lessons
    🖤 Lashes
    🖤 Located in Machal + Travel


    Factotum, Ltd.

    VIP service in Israel

    LODGING: Choice of exclusive private villas, hotels, glamping

    TRANSPORT :Luxury limos, jeeps

    land – air – water

    ENTERTAINMENT:Private tours

    Private Chef

    Discrete access to full range of health, financial, communication, outfitting and supply services

    Kroizer-Property Management. With a Customized service package, we give you personal and professional service, we understands you and we are always available for you.

    Check us out on Facebook

    Laser hair removal. We use the state of the art gold standard Candela laser, and are lisenced by the NYSED. We are conveniently located in Arzei Habira, and offer flexible hours and affordable pricing!

    Free attraction bookings all in one place!

    One phone call for multiple attractions
    American Service (US Phone #)
    Most of all, we get our clients the best slots and VIP treatment

    Old City & Ir David Tours & Scavenger Hunt
    Tzvi’s Shuk Tours & Scavenger Hunt

    Rappelling in the heart of Yerushalayim
    Midbar Yehuda Bow & Arrow Adventure
    Tanach Warriors
    Caliber 3
    Biking Adulam Valley
    Kakadu Wood Art Workshop
    Tomo Candy Making

    Book with us, unbeatable hotel rates, and get free vacation planning!

    Beit Hanadlan the leading agency for the American population. Looking to rent or buy an apartment in Jerusalem? This is your place!

    Violet and Rose is a Jerusalem based floral design studio. We thrive on creating beautiful and unique events, as well as flower arrangements with an emphasis on art and color. We choose the best in seasonal produce in order ensure we give our clients the freshest flowers.

    For all information regarding events, shabbos and weekday deliveries, please view our website.
    * To guarantee flowers for shabbos, orders must be in by Thursday, 9 AM Israel time via our website.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem

    BabyDen specializes in the most essential, high quality baby products you won’t find anywhere else in Israel. The best place to find Sound Machines, HALO Swaddles, Teethers, NoseFrida, Nursery Essentials, Accessories, Gifts and more. Find your favorite brands and your favorite gear in one place. Everything delivered straight to your door!

    Same Day Delivery in Jerusalem – Delivery to all over Israel Available

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem

    Our fruit platters are made from only the most choice seasonal produce available so that each bite is perfectly ripe, fresh, and sweet. Each plate is also artistically designed and arranged to order so you can be sure that it will be the highlight of the table.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Where Quality & Service Meet
    Providing Fresh Authentic Quality Food to Your Home
    We offer a wide range of specialty food products, sourced from Israel’s best farmers and food artisans. Get the products you prefer, delivered to your home or business.
    Order today and enjoy superior quality, selection and service!

    Delivery throughout Jerusalem.

    Wig sales: Irene Beverly Michal and Rochie Amit
    Wash and sets, Cuts, Recuts, Hair Cuts, Sales, Wig accessories, Best Beanies…

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem

    We carry furniture at all budgets, starting at low prices, up to high end furniture. We specialize in full furniture packages to fit in any budget.

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    You may not be in Israel….
    But your gift CAN be!
    We have everything you need when having a baby. Layette, blankets, towels, undershirts, pacifiers, hats and more!
    Personalized gifts and gift wrap available!
    Easy online ordering, flat rate delivery throughout Israel. Delivery to hospitals.

    Our goal is to provide a high quality product to enhance and elevate your every occasion.
    Our premium meat boards come alongside premium standards of Kashrus and customer service. Bull On Board will go above and beyond to make sure your experience is always a pleasant one. Enjoy your Board!

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Treat your loved ones with everything Chocolate! Arrangements and Gifts to suit all budgets. There is no better way to send your love. Who are you gifting?

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    Wholesome Care Health Coaching by Malky is an innovative approach to self care that encompasses every aspect of health and wellness. Malky helps clients reach their goals with a healthy, non-restrictive approach so that they can be free to truly show up for themselves and for their loved ones. Promoting a fresh perspective of confidence and strength is our goal.
    Clients are guided towards gaining awareness and creating a positive state of physical and mental health, leading to a healthier lifestyle.
    Malky’s credentials are supported by her own personal journey as well as a great desire to help women feel their best so they can show up 100% for themselves, and for their loved ones. Malky specializes in helping clients with all areas of health through creating a positive mindset between food and their bodies. She also works with her clients on emotional eating and helping clients heal from negative cycles. Malky has a bachelors in psychology and is certified in integrative nutrition.

    Our European boutique is located in the Paran shopping mall in Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem. Our friendly and professional staff can carefully help you select a pair of shoes that suits your style and taste.

    Delivery throughout Jerusalem


    Petit Belle: Better Boutique with American Brands at the same American Prices! Lil Legs, Mon Tresor, Winx&Blinx, Baby Jay & More! Complete layette packages!

    Delivery Throughout Israel.

    We make beautiful, fun and elegant balloon arrangements for all different occasions.

    Delivery Throughout Jerusalem.

    Cell Phone Service. Add an American number as well for only $15!

    Established over 12 years ago, we at Nesiah Tovah are committed to a standard of service par-excellence. From concierge services to touring, our detail sensitive crew, & our luxurious fleet, will give you the confidence we’ve built our reputation on.

    Kosher store for all Communication need Kosher cell phones new lines all types of cables speakers/headphones and more…

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    Lakewood, NJ

    What a brilliant idea!  Like of course... I cant believe its 2022 and this is the first of its kind.  There are so many amazing businesses available in Jerusalem and now we have a central place to go to for ideas and orders.  When my daughter was in seminary I had to call my sister / cousin / friend for ideas.. phone numbers... who to call .... what's available.. etc.  This one knew about this... and that one knew about that... Now I can find it all on my own.  Thanks for implementing this amazing resource.

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